Litigation / Arbitration Proceedings

Litigation and dispute resolution are among the core competences of M&P. Our attorneys have many years of litigation experience before all instances of state civil jurisdiction. If necessary, we secure your rights by interim injunctions. In corporate law disputes we advise you on the steps necessary to protect your rights and initiate the necessary measures. We represent you in shareholders’ meetings and defend you – if necessary – by means of interim legal protection – against hostile shareholder resolutions.

Liability of executive bodies or managers

Claims for damages against managing directors and board members are becoming more frequent and increasingly important. We assess the opportunities and risks arising from the complex legal practice for our clients and represent their interests with the utmost consistency.

Project consulting

As to plant construction, we support our clients in tenders and contract negotiations up to the conclusion of project contracts. While the project is running, we provide advice in the event of discrepancies and assert our clients` claims in court or in arbitration proceedings. Our expertise extends to cross-border development as well as supply and maintenance contracts, including turnkey contracts.

Real Estate Law

When purchasing real estate or concluding rental agreements, we accompany our clients during the contractual discussions and draft or review the contracts. If disturbances and disputes arise later, we represent their interests in and out of court.

Industry 4.0

With ever closer networking and the economic exploitation of large amounts of data (Big Data), technically highly complex relationships are fought out in courts that are often unfamiliar with them. Analyzing the complex technical interrelationships and presenting them in a comprehensible and convincing manner is a prerequisite for the successful enforcement of your rights.

Litigation funding

If desired, we can obtain the support of process funders. We prepare second opinions on the opportunities and risks of upcoming disputes.

Arbitration proceedings

We represent our clients in national and international arbitration proceedings. This includes court proceedings on the recognition and setting aside of arbitral awards, with a focus on violations of the German ordre public, in particular the violation of basic procedural rights.

Insolvency Law

In insolvency scenarios, we show the strategies necessary to defend against and avoid claims by creditors and insolvency administrators.

Law of Succession

Our lawyers provide comprehensive advice on the drafting of wills and inheritance contracts. Besides the avoidance of later disputes under inheritance law, the focus is on (legal) tax-optimised structuring. This includes the drafting of contracts for lifetime gifts and succession arrangements of companies. We represent our clients in inheritance law disputes and develop strategies for the settlement of communities of heirs. Likewise we prepare general powers of attorney, powers of attorney for precaution and living wills.

Contact person

Dr. Ronald Begemann

Partner | Lawyer

Dr. Christoph Körner

Partner I Specialist Lawyer for Commercial and Corporate Law

Key aspects

  • Legal representation before all civil courts; arbitration courts
  • Group and liability law
  • Advice in inheritance matters